The information Technology Association of the Gambia (ITAG) in partnership with the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA) coordinated the one day forum to discuss and address the constraints relating to youth internship placement and opportunities in the domain of ICT.  

The various stakeholders on board mentioned the factors that affects the acquiring of youth internship opportunities in the ICT industry and provided solutions to ensuring that ICT students from the various fields of discipline have what it takes to attain placement in hiring institutions and companies to gain practical work experience.

The outcome of the dialogs was very effective as stakeholders were grouped into three sections to deliberate on different topics to trash out the challenges and also ensuring that best practices are adopted to improve the present situation. The forum was represented by over 45 institutions across the board namely; the Universities Student’s Unions, ICT members, ICT companies, IT Trainers, NAQAA etc.

Similarly, the participants were able to produced three power point presentations on their respective topics and outline the challenges in details and provided solutions to the present constraints affecting the opportunities for youth internship placement and drawing plans and strategies to scale up for more opportunities.




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