The forum was graced by participants from the ICT institutions and members. ITAG in collaboration with the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA) chaired the forum. The purpose of the one day event was to develop a framework of action to address the challenges faced in delivering the required IT programmes, accreditation of these programs, curriculum development and making sure that the appropriate expertise are in the right position to deliver them. The one day activity was led by Jasmina Trajkovski an IT specialist that has over 15 years’ work experience, specializing in the fields of security and privacy.

ICT institutions and members embraced the importance of the one day event and participated fully to ensure that the challenges that affects the poor quality delivering of IT training and trainers in the Gambia were addressed. The event was a great success. ICT institutions and participants provided the necessary dialogues to chart the way forward to improve the prevailing situations at current.

Resolutions, recommendations, and new concepts were discussed to aid best practices and approach to improve and enhance the current situation. Over thirty (30) ICT institutions were present at the deliberations and the meeting was actually a great success.




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