ITAG is once again bringing to its members a Workshop, this time on Cyber Security. The workshop will run over a two-day period targetting

  • SMEs, Startups, and IT Professionals and
  • Corporate Institutions.

Given the increase in the number of institutions coming online, ITAG deems it necessary to ensure that its members are made aware of the repercussions of bringing businesses online and the recommendations from the security aspect.

The Workshop will be hosted by ITAG and delivered by one of our members, Pointclick Technologies.

The training program will run over a two-day period each day dedicated to a targeted group of our members, with content tailored to those specific groups as well.

Day 1:–Tuesday 13 Oct 2020
Target Audience:– SMEs, Startups, and IT Professionals
Time: 11:00am

Day 2:–Wednesday 14 Oct 2020
Target Audience:– Corporate Institutions and Public enterprises
Time: 11:00am

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