The Youth Rep shall deputize for the Sub board and his/her responsibilities shall be as follows:

  • The Youth Rep shall be the voice of the ICT Youth Professionals
  • He/She will be responsible to communicate issues rising from the sub board to the executive committee.
  • He/She shall serve the functions of a good liaison officer
  • He/she will contribute to the setting up formation of the board responsibilities and ensuring that the executive correspondences are communicated to the sub board
  • He/she will be the chair of the sub board committee and will act on executive judgements.
  • As the chair he/she will be responsible to ensuring that the objectives and goals of the sub board committee are executed and achieved.
  • The REP shall act according to the framework and policies set by the Executive Committee and will to ensuring that the goals of the Executives are realized.
  • The rep shall have good a background of the ICT ecosystem in the Gambia and will to ensure that issues arising within this sector are tackled to improve the working tools and existing management structures.
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